News and Press Releases


» Leschaco expands its worldwide location network

The globally operating logistics service provider Leschaco (Lexzau, Scharbau GmbH & Co. KG) opens new branch offices in Japan and...>>


» Eurteam's vision and strategy as it marks 10 years of multilateral expertise

A strategic alliance of European transport and logistics specialists providing services to the chemical sector has set out its...>>


» Leschaco – 40 years of Tank Container Logistics

November 13, 1976 was a special day for the LESCHACO group of companies. On this day the logistics service provider shipped for...>>


» Der Mitarbeiter im Mittelpunkt

Wer heute Wert auf engagierte Mitarbeiter legt, die ein vertrauensvolles Verhältnis zu ihrem Unternehmen haben und...>>


» Verein Bremer Spediteure: Neuer Vorsitzender Oliver Oestreich

Der Vorstand des Vereins Bremer Spediteure hat am 13.04.2016 auf seiner konstituierenden Sitzung einen neuen Vorsitzenden...>>


» Leschaco, Inc., USA, opens new branch office in Miami

With this new location, Leschaco widens its range of services for the growing business with Latin America>>


» Jan Remmers was appointed as managing director of Anker Schiffahrt

Emden, January, 2016 – Jan Remmers was appointed as managing director of Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft mbH, Emden, at the...>>