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Electronic Bill of Lading eB/L

Traditional document transfer processes are time-consuming, costly and increasingly risk-sensitive. To counter this, a new future-oriented solution is needed. AC Container Line offers a digital courier service that allows you to manage, sign and send important documents such as the Bill of Lading electronically.

The use of the electronic Bill of Lading (eB/L) represents an elementary step on the way to digitalization in the shipping industry. Through this transformation of the previous traditional processes, document transfer becomes more resistant to risk factors, easier to handle and more efficient in all areas of container shipping.

If you are already signed up with WAVE BL, please share your WAVE BL business card with our Leschaco eB/L Team.

Your Benefits

  • Paper-based printout no longer necessary
  • Shortened process due to less manual handling
  • Document transfer within only 2 minutes
  • Eliminating paper from BL processes not only saves printing paper and physical courier costs, but also protects the environment 
  • Simple process steps with just a few clicks
  • Reduces administrative workload
  • Intuitive online platform that allows your employees
    to access the system at any time via web access,
    even when working remotely
  • We support you with a quick setup of the accounts
    as well as the organization of online trainings for you
    and your team
  • WAVE BL's blockchain- powered technology secures
    and encrypts all your data and documents
  • Risk factors such as forgery, fraud and loss
    are avoided
  • You retain full control over the tracking of your documents

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