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According to the Bundesvereinigung für Logistik (BVL) logistics is the third largest economic sector in Germany. In 2017 our industry employed around 3 million people and sales amounted to 263 billion euros across all industries.

Across Europe the logistics market was estimated to be worth 1.050 billion euros. At approx. 25 % Germany has an outstanding large share. Furthermore Germany holds a top position in the infrastructure quality and logistics technology.

According to studies, the global market value of logistics has surpassed 4 trillion US-Dollar-marks – this equates to 10 % of global GDP. Logistics connects the world and effective logistics services are an essential part of the global economy.

In view of this major significance professions in logistics have good prospects for the future. It offers many flexible working options and excellent career opportunities.

We at Leschaco have been consistently pursuing the objective to promote young professionals and view this engagement as an investment in the future. Only the very good qualification and training of our junior talents guarantee the fulfilling of the miscellaneous tasks of a logistics service provider in the future.

Our trainees and students of today are the employees of tomorrow!

Furthermore Leschaco – as a globally active logistics service provider – stands for the promotion and support of the idea of lifelong and practical learning in the international economy and logistics. Hence, for many years we have been involved for example in application trainings at schools and present the work of a Freight Forwarder to pupils. Every fourth Thursday in April of each year we open our doors at the headquarters on the Kids Day to schoolchildren and provide interesting insights into the complex tasks of an international logistics service provider. Employees of our company lecture on the subject of sea freight at institutes of higher education and as a sustaining member we support selected educational institutions.

The offers in this area apply to Germany. Training opportunities can be found here.

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