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Customized logistics – worldwide from a single source

The Leschaco Group is a global logistics service provider that combines Hanseatic tradition with cosmopolitanism and a spirit of innovation. “Experienced. Dedicated. Customized.” This is a fitting summary of the company’s philosophy: On the basis of decade-long experience teams of specialists set up customized solutions.

The company was founded under the name of Lexzau, Scharbau in Hamburg in 1879 by Wilhelm Lexzau and Julius Scharbau. Since 1992 Jörg Conrad has been the owner and active managing director of the international Leschaco Group.

Today the owner-managed medium-sized Company with 71 separate companies and more than 2,500 employees in more than 22 countries is there for its customers worldwide. The own network is further strengthened by selected agents all over the world. We are where the industry and the trade need us.

From the Bremen headquarters our employees spread the company’s values: a sustainable orientation towards the needs of the customers, an international presence, a strong quality awareness, and high demands on the own work and on the work of the carefully selected service providers.

In our comprehensive logistics solutions from one source this is demonstrated, among other things, by the high process transparency, made possible by uniform IT frameworks worldwide.

Leschaco is active in the fields of sea- and air freight, tank containers as well as contract logistics. With our worldwide logistics solutions we are a reliable partner of leading companies in the machinery and plant engineering industry, automotive industry, chemical industry and associated sectors, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals.

Further Information

Lexzau, Scharbau GmbH & Co. KG
Kap-Horn-Straße 18
28237 Bremen
phone (49) 421.6101 0
fax (49) 421.6101 489

Business Units

Sea freight
Air freight
Tank Container
Contract logistics
Intermodal transports
Supply Chain Solutions

Facts and Figures

Founded: 1879
Employees worldwide: 2,500
Offices worldwide: 71
Owner: Jörg Conrad

Board of Management:
- Jörg Conrad (CEO)
- Oliver Oestreich (COO)
- Rainer Barthel (CFO)


Leschaco. Forwarding is our passion. Since 1879.

Relying on what is tried and tested - looking for new things.
Together with all companies of the Group we have tested, modified, and adjusted our previous guidelines and principles.

We present to you in which direction we develop, what is guiding us, what we go by, and what we stand for. 

Our vision: 

As an independent and innovative company we are recognized as a global provider of customized logistic solutions.

Our mission:

We are there for our customers, worldwide and at any time. We are committed to meeting the requirements of our customers. With our economic, ecological, and socially sustainable as well as reliable, and high-quality solutions we fulfil this obligation. 

Personal trust in our employees and a respectful treatment of one another in a motivating work atmosphere are the basic requirements for our economic and sustainable power – worldwide.

Our Guidelines

  • Customers
The customer and his satisfaction are in the focus of our everyday activities. Our cooperation is characterized by a professional treatment of the customer and by customized products with clear surplus values for the customer. Our aim is always the trustful, long-term relationship with the custome.

  • Employees
We bear a responsibility for our employees.
The treatment of our employees is characterized by mutual appreciation and respect. Their qualification, motivation, and information are the requirements for our customer-orientated work in a dynamic and multi-cultural environment and they are a major element of our corporate culture.

  • Service provider
The service provider is an integral part for the delivery of our services. The selection is always carried out with the utmost care and respecting high and recognized quality standards. The long-term commitment allows the testing, maintaining, and optimizing of these necessary standards in the interest of our customer and of the Group.

  • Company
Profitability is the basis for economic stability, for the preservation and the extension of the Group. A marked cost awareness is the precondition for a global competitiveness in the interest of the customer and of the company.

  • Quality
The highest quality is the prerequisite for the preservation and the extension of our business. Safety, responsibility, compliance, optimal processes, and a flawless execution are the basis for our activities.

  • Innovation
We offer our customers modern, reliable, and innovative products and services with surplus value by developing, extending, and optimizing our IT solutions. This means a decisive surplus value for the customer.

  • Communication
An open and transparent communication, internally and externally, is indispensable for the success of the company.

  • Environment and compliance
Our everyday activities are determined by the awareness of social and ecological responsibility. Safety for the human being and for the environment is of top priority for us. Austerity and efficiency in the use of resources is imperative. Respecting and considering compliance is an inherent part of the Group.

Leschaco: Our Brand Personality

We are: Experienced

As an owner-managed company with Hanseatic roots we are at home in the world. As a reliable partner with long-term expertise in different segments of the industry we stand for the highest demands on quality and safety.

We are: Dedicated

When we develop and implement customized concepts, the customer is in the focus of our activities. The Leschaco Group with all of her creativity and advisory skills faces the challenges of the customers – at every time and worldwide. The high reputation and the trust the customer places on us, are based on this.

We are: Customized

We meet the challenges of our time and of our customers with understanding and curiosity. Our strength is in the combination and the variety of ideas. With innovative and individual solutions we provide a clear surplus value for the customer.



Leschaco: The promise of a brand


Operative excellence

The pursuit of operative excellence and the enthusiasm of the customer due to our individual solutions from one source are the foundation for everything that each employee within the Leschaco Group does. This pursuit determines the corporate culture as well as the processes – at any time and worldwide.


We speak the language of our customers and we understand the needs in our strategic key industries – beyond all borders. By means of individual solutions and quick decisions we want to offer to our customers a value-added along the supply chain and open up potentials for them. Hereby our globally uniform IT infrastructure with its manifold communication and control possibilities plays a decisive role.


The unique combination of long-term know-how and passion creates stability and sustainable success for the company.  For us the development of long-term partnerships with our customers and partners are paramount.  Moreover we take into account the conservation of the resources within the Group.

Board of Management

Jörg Conrad (CEO and Owner)

Jörg Conrad

Jörg Conrad was born in Bremen, Germany. After he obtained a banker apprenticeship he studied at Deutsche Außenhandels- und Verkehrs-Akademie (DAV) in Bremen.

Afterwards he worked in the overseas branches of the Leschaco Group in the US, Brazil and South Africa before he started to manage the expansion strategy of the worldwide logistics service provider as managing director.

Since 1992 Jörg Conrad has been the sole owner of the Leschaco Group. He is responsible for Terminal- and Contract Logistics, Human Resources and Corporate Communications.

Oliver Oestreich (COO)

Oliver Oestreich

Oliver Oestreich was born in Bad Orb, Germany in 1957.

He studied business - and organisation sciences at "Hochschule der Bundeswehr" in Munich, Germany, obtaining a diploma.

After Officer career in the German Air Force he worked in several executive positions at logistics unit of Hoechst AG and spin-offs of Hoechst AG.

Oliver Oestreich has been a member of the Leschaco Group Management Board since March 1, 2003 and is responsible for the worldwide forwarding business in the business fields of sea freight, air freight as well as IT.

Rainer Barthel (CFO)

Rainer Barthel

Rainer Barthel was born in Bremen, Germany, in 1957. After successful completing his apprenticeship as a forwarding professional, he trained as a business economist and accountant.

1990 he took over the management of accounting at the Thyssen Haniel Logistic International GmbH.

In 1996 he started his career at the Leschaco Group in Bremen, where he also holds the position as head of accounting.

Since October 1, 2014 Rainer Barthel has been a member of the Leschaco Group Management Board and is responsible for accounting and controlling.

Safety and Quality

A reliable framework

Global logistics providers are situated in a network of complex relationships. The increasing speed of changes on the market, in the society and in technology is creating manifold challenges. A future-orientated company therefore needs a comprehensive regulatory framework that takes into account this network of challenges and that at the same time leaves the necessary leeway for acting in a flexible way.

Leschaco tackles these tasks successfully in accordance with the needs of the customers, of the employees, of the partners, and of the public. We have therefore set up an Integrated Management System (IMS). It serves as a reliable orientation for the group and for our customers.

Leschaco has set itself the goal of providing an excellent performance in the fields of health and occupational safety, transportation safety, environment protection, as well as ethics and quality. The experts here talk in short of HSEQ – which stands for Health, Safety, Environment, Quality. Our IMS takes into account all these aspects on an equal footing and integrates the respective concerns into all management and decision-making processes. The advantage: Instead of several management systems working apart from one another, the IMS provides our customers and us with a clearly structured safeguarding of the desired standards in one system. 

Our Sustainability Management has been awarded with a "Silver Certification" by EcoVadis, an independent agency for assessing the CSR performance of companies. This result places Leschaco among the top 30 % performers evaluated by EcoVadis world-wide.

Besides the integrated quality and environment management systems ISO 9001 and 14001 the areas of safety, health, and ethics become more and more important. Today they are an inseparable part of our business activities and they are the basis for fulfilling demanding services worldwide.

Both a success factor and a matter of the heart

Logistics is a ”People’s Business” – our service is based on the commitment of our employees. With our business we are moving right in the heart of the society. Therefore Leschaco is committed to its social responsibility of acting ethically proper. Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) has many faces. Internally it shows itself e.g. in health care and in comprehensive occupational safety for all of our employees worldwide.

Complying with all labour protection law requirements concerning the protection of the health of the employees and the public is as self-evident for us as is our demand to all of our partners to also comply with these requirements.

But the scope of corporate responsibility can be even broader:
In our view, corporate acting always also has to be measured by the principles of ethics and morals.

Safety awareness and the right solutions

Safety in the supply chain is of a specific importance for Leschaco. To manage it professionally is one of our most important obligations against our customers, employees, partners, and authorities. Moreover a demonstrably high safety standard often also speeds up the handling of a transport – an additional benefit we very gladly provide to our customers.

The acknowledged high safety standards of the Leschaco Group is guaranteed and being further developed by two sets of action. On the one hand we have good contacts to the relevant authorities and we actively cooperate with national and international associations. On the other hand we possess approvals and certificates that guarantee the flawless and border-crossing transport of the goods entrusted to us. These are, among others:

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
The World Customs Organisation’s certificate called Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) documents that the AEO is particularly reliable and trustworthy. This accelerates the customs processes and provides safety simplifications.

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Certificate (C-TPAT)
This certificate of the US customs authorities certifies the safety of the international supply chain or the compliance with the specific US-requirements respectively.

The implemented processes guarantee the compliance with the worldwide regulations for hazardous goods, e.g. the IMDG Code, 49CFR, TDG, IATA, ICAO, ADR, RID. We guarantee the compliance with the anti-terror regulation by means of a continuous check of national and international sanctions lists and embargo regulations.

Keeping a close watch on environment protection

The protection of the environment and of the climate and the economical use of natural resources are among the most important tasks of our time. If also coming generations are supposed to grow up in a liveable environment, we all have to participate actively in the design of eco-friendly economic processes.

The Leschaco Group is aware of this responsibility. We recognize that we as a logistics company necessarily also consume natural resources – e.g. by using energy, by emissions, or by soil sealing. It is our aim to keep this environmental burden as small as possible. By a continuous improvement of those of our processes that are relevant to the environment we want to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people all over the world, now and in the future.

We are committed to actively protect the natural resources. But this is also about the fact that only those companies will be accepted by society in the long term that act in a responsible manner. Leschaco’s management and employees therefore jointly made the decision that the applying standards of environment protection shall be respected for all business activities. It is our aim to design all business activities in such a way that aspects with relevance to the environment will be considered for all planning and that they will be integrated into the defined processes.

Always on the path to maximum quality

For Leschaco service and quality have been the most important guidelines for 130 years. Both are inseparably connected with our top target: Fulfilling the requirements of our customers – at any time and worldwide. We are proud of what we have achieved – and at the same time we are determined to confirm and further improve our acknowledged high quality level also in the future.

All of our global logistics activities are following the internationally recognized norms DIN/EN/ISO 9001 and 14001. The compliance with these norms is guaranteed by internal and external audits that are carried out in regular intervals in all companies of the Group worldwide.

An important quality factor consists in efficient, transparent, and globally standardized processes. An important basis to fulfil this demand is the systematic further education and the training for our employees.

The quality-mindedness is deeply rooted in the thinking of our employees and in the organizational structure of the company. The quality and environmental manager of the Leschaco Group directly reports to the company management. He has the task of enforcing the compliance with the requirements of the norms.

The Group’s executives are obliged to convey to their employees the quality targets and to actively support them in fulfilling these requirements.

Sensitive goods in safe hands

Hazardous materials transports are subject to numerous national and international laws and regulations. And this is just right and proper. But these many regulations are often hard to comprehend for laymen. Leschaco has the necessary expertise and experience because the handling of hazardous goods has been one of our core competences for a long time.

The worldwide Competence Centres with their hazardous goods specialists on the ground guarantee that by using our own software there will be a complete control of all hazardous goods processes.  These specialists are also responsible for the communication with local authorities, with the partners of the supply chain and with the Leschaco network.

We gladly share this knowledge with our customers. They benefit from safe, reliable transports and maximum transparency and they thus get an overview over a special and important segment of transportation.

Our services include the training and consulting in all matters concerning hazardous goods and waste, e.g. classification, packaging, labelling, or documentation.

Certified competence and quality

The quality assurance within the Integrated Management System (IMS) of the Leschaco Group and the external benchmarking help us to know that we are doing a good job. To also provide our customers all over the world with this certainty, we are ready to be constantly examined by neutral parties.

With our national and international certifications and assessments Leschaco’s customers and partners can be sure that they can rely on our service.

In the field of hazardous goods alone we document this safety and reliability by numerous certificates, e.g. SQAS Transport Service (Safety and Quality Assessment System) and the certificates CDI-MPC Freight Forwarding, CDI-MPC Container Freight Station and CDI-MPC Tank Container Operating of the Chemical Distribution Institute.


What we offer

Our company thrives on the commitment of every single employee. Relations with our staff are characterized by mutual recognition and respect. Highly committed and motivated employees who are well qualified for their work are the prerequisite for our customer-oriented business in a dynamic international environment. This is a key part of our corporate culture and a basic requirement for our sustained economic success – worldwide.

We want to be an exciting and challenging place to work and our employees know that we value their work. Depending on location we offer a number of other benefits besides remuneration. These range from capital forming payments right from the start of employment as well as pension models and different insurance services to flexible working hours, initial and further training measures to medical services, corporate fitness activities but also assistance in finding accommodation. Where possible, we offer our employees childcare in cooperation with local institutions.

If we have awoken your interest, we look forward to receiving your application.

Young Professionals

According to the Bundesvereinigung für Logistik (BVL) logistics is the third largest economic sector in Germany. In 2017 our industry employed around 3 million people and sales amounted to 263 billion euros across all industries.

Across Europe the logistics market was estimated to be worth 1.050 billion euros. At approx. 25 % Germany has an outstanding large share. Furthermore Germany holds a top position in the infrastructure quality and logistics technology.

According to studies, the global market value of logistics has surpassed 4 trillion US-Dollar-marks – this equates to 10 % of global GDP. Logistics connects the world and effective logistics services are an essential part of the global economy.

In view of this major significance professions in logistics have good prospects for the future. It offers many flexible working options and excellent career opportunities.

We at Leschaco have been consistently pursuing the objective to promote young professionals and view this engagement as an investment in the future. Only the very good qualification and training of our junior talents guarantee the fulfilling of the miscellaneous tasks of a logistics service provider in the future.

Our trainees and students of today are the employees of tomorrow!

Furthermore Leschaco – as a globally active logistics service provider – stands for the promotion and support of the idea of lifelong and practical learning in the international economy and logistics. Hence, for many years we have been involved for example in application trainings at schools and present the work of a Freight Forwarder to pupils. Every fourth Thursday in April of each year we open our doors at the headquarters on the Kids Day to schoolchildren and provide interesting insights into the complex tasks of an international logistics service provider. Employees of our company lecture on the subject of sea freight at institutes of higher education and as a sustaining member we support selected educational institutions.

The offers in this area apply to Germany. Training opportunities can be found here.


Leschaco stands for a holistic portfolio of products in the areas of sea and air freight, tank container as well as contract logistics. In these areas of business our employees develop tailored and competitive logistics solutions and generate a quite big amount of "Value Added Services" that are optimally customized to meet the requirements of our customers and the transport goods.

The vast experience and expertise of our employees, a sustainable orientation towards the needs of the customers, the strong quality awareness and high demands on one’s own work, and on the work of the carefully selected service providers make us successful as a globally active logistics service provider. From the Bremen headquarters our employees spread the company’s values.

If you're fascinated by our services and our high standards, you are warmly invited to join our team!

Exciting tasks and demanding challenges in the dynamic and innovative environment in a medium-sized, owner-managed, logistics company with a lengthy tradition are awaiting you!

Unsolicited Application

Today we are among the internationally leading companies in the logistics trade and we are constantly moving, mainly in the field of the logistics of hazardous goods and chemicals. But we were also the ones who shipped the first VW Beetle to the US. We have been closely connected to the car industry with our services to this day.

More than 130 years of experience are the basis for our competence and they are the foundation for the development of our employees. Connected to the past, we thus move on solid ground towards the future. You can also benefit from the advantages of a family enterprise: quick decision-making processes and a large personal leeway in arranging matters. Apart from the challenging tasks, mostly internationally, we will offer you an environment characterized by a positive attitude towards one another.

In order for you to join us as quickly as possible, we will allow you a perfect start by means of an intensive initial training. Then we will support you in your professional and personal development in Germany and abroad.

You will determine yourself which way you want to go in our company by actively engaging yourself.


We are always in search of motivated and skilled employees and look forward to receiving your full application.


Ocean Freight Export FCL Hamburg

The Leschaco Group is a traditional, owner-managed logistics service provider and offers intercontinental logistics solutions for sea and air freight in the machinery and plant engineering industry, automotive industry, chemical industry and associated sectors, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals. As a tank container operator the group of companies has transport solutions for unpackaged liquid goods in its portfolio, too. An additional core area is contract logistics.

The company was founded under the name of Lexzau, Scharbau by Wilhelm Lexzau and Julius Scharbau in Hamburg in 1879. Today the group of companies is represented on all continents with its own branch offices (in Australia by selected agents) and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide – 700 of which are in Germany. The managing owner Jörg Conrad places great value on sustainable company development. The company headquarters are in Bremen.


Your tasks

In close cooperation with the colleagues from the documentation and accounting departments you are an important contact person for our customers and business partners and support us in the following tasks:

  • Independent handling of  the disposition of sea freight consignments (export)
  • Customer service and customer support in writing and by telephone
  • Registration and checking of quotes (incl. EDI data transfer)
  • Generation of port orders and customs clearance
  • Calculation, electronic archiving and complaint management
  • Daily correspondence with international customers, subsidiaries and agents
  • Deadline and process monitoring
  • Support in the fields of documentation and accounting – if needed


Your profile

  • Succesful completion of training as „Kaufmann/-frau für Spedition und Logistikdienstleistung“ or comparable qualifications
  • Operational work experience in the field of sea freight
  • Organizational skills and a structured work style are among your strengths
  • Good knowledge of English (spoken and written) can be applied in the everyday forwarding business
  • Familiar with the MS Office package (Word, Outlook)
  • You have a responsible and independent approach to work and you are a team player and flexible
  • You enjoy dealing with customers, other service providers and business partners


What we offer

  • A versatile job, in which you can take on responsibility and develop further
  • A dynamic team with competent and friendly colleagues
  • Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes
  • A culture of mutual respect and an outstanding working atmosphere
  • Training opportunities
  • Flexible management of working time
  • A varied sport and health program


If we could rouse your interest and you want to become part of the Leschaco team, then we look forward to receiving your online application.

Apply now


Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

When Lexzau, Scharbau was founded in 1879 by Wilhelm Lexzau and Julius Scharbau in Hamburg, followed by the opening of an office in Bremen in 1898, the foundation was laid for the company's 137 years of history.

With the entry of Mr. Herbert Conrad into Lexzau, Scharbau as shareholder in 1959, the connections with Bremen become closer and closer, and are sealed when he becomes sole shareholder in 1970.

The opening of an office in USA in 1978 marks the start of a continual and successful internationalization. Since 1992 Jörg Conrad has been the owner of the Leschaco Group, of which the mother company, Lexzau, Scharbau GmbH & Co. KG, still has its headquarters in Bremen today.

The group of companies has been presented under the umbrella of Leschaco since June 24, 2011.