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Developing Young Generation: Leschaco's Annual Kids Day Initiative

Leschaco CSR

Every year, as part of our commitment to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education, Leschaco organizes Kids Day. This event invites the children of our employees to experience firsthand their parents' workplace. It serves as a platform for mutual sharing: Leschaco provides the children with an in-depth look into the company, including future career opportunities, while also listening to their questions, expectations, and suggestions. 

This year, Leschaco's headquarters in Bremen once again opened its doors to 15 children aged between 10 and 14 for Kids Day. The event commenced with an exploration of our office building, situated on the bunker, followed by an engaging afternoon session where the children observed the packing of containers, gaining practical insights into our operations. 

The organization of Kids Day is a collaborative project led by our Human Resources (HR) and our trainees' team, emphasizing our commitment to fostering quality education and nurturing young talent. Our trainees developed captivating presentations and interactive games aimed at educating the children about logistics, transportation of hazardous goods, apprenticeships in logistics, and the corporate structure. 

A highlight of the day was the special welcome and greeting by our management board, consisting of Nils Fahrenholz, Leschaco Chief Operations Officer; Steffen Küpper, Chief People and Culture Officer and Ulrich Steenken, Leschaco Chief Financial Officer. Their presence emphasizes Leschaco's dedication to supporting educational initiatives and creating a positive impact on the younger generation. 

A big Thank U to all who contributed to this memorable day!