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Joining together to Fight Cancer, Embrace Wellness and Inclusivity

Leschaco CSR

People from all over the world got together during the Run to Venus on September 17th, 2023. 

With nearly 100 participants from Leschaco countries, this event went beyond borders and brought people together for a noble cause: to raise awareness about cancer disease promoting a healthier lifestyle and inclusion. 

In the lively and busy streets of Korea, something really special happened during this global event as our colleagues joined a marathon as part of our commitment to helping our community and marking the 140th anniversary of Korea-Germany diplomatic relations. It wasn't just a run; it showed how strong the friendship and teamwork between our countries are. What made this experience truly special was the opportunity to run alongside visually impaired athletes. It was a humbling experience that touched our hearts deeply. It reminded us that inclusivity is not just a simple word but a real commitment to making our society more accommodating and accessible to everyone. 

‘’We celebrated diversity and strengthened bonds while making a positive impact on our community. It was an inspiring day that reminded us of the importance of unity and collaboration,’’ said Kim, Su-Jin, Leschaco Korea HR Assistant. 

Moreover, some of our colleagues from the Americas Region were not only very happy to participate but also invited their family members, making this action a true family event. 

We are also proud to share that similarly to this event, two more cancer walks have been established in the USA and are scheduled to take place in October and November, in Houston - Texas and Leschaco will be participating in this event with colleagues along with some of their families. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a celebration of courage and hope, bringing communities in a collective effort to end breast cancer for all. These non-competitive walks stand as the largest and most impactful breast cancer movement – providing a supportive community for courageous breast cancer survivors and metastatic breast cancer thrivers, but also for caregivers and families, uniting them all in a shared journey of hope and healing. 

Together, we believe in making a positive impact and we are committed to building a better future for our employees, communities, and our planet by creating positive change in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.