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Leschaco Korea's Environmental Initiative: EM Mudballs Project at Saetgang Eco Park

Leschaco CSR

Our commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement remains a priority, aligning closely with the goals of the United Nations. 

On April 12th 2024, Leschaco Korea employees took part in the ‘’EM Mudballs’’ project at the Saetgang Eco Park in Yeouido, Seoul. The primary objective of this initiative was to improve the quality of urban river water, preserve ecosystems, and foster a sense of social responsibility among our team members. EM Mudballs are small, ball-shaped mixtures of Effective Microorganisms (EM), clay, and other organic materials

These balls are typically used in environmental restoration projects, particularly in improving water quality in rivers and lakes. When deployed into water bodies, EM Mudballs release beneficial microorganisms that help break down pollutants, reduce odors, and promote the restoration of aquatic ecosystems. They are considered an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for improving water quality and preserving natural habitats.

Throughout the event, representatives from the Environment Action Association conducted training sessions on EM Ball production, providing valuable insights into their role in environmental restoration. This enhanced our employees' understanding of the project's significance.

The atmosphere during the activity was very energetic, and we successfully crafted approximately 300 EM Balls, which were then deployed into the river. The entire activity lasted three hours and was marked by enthusiasm and dedication from all participants.

Our Managing Director, DG Kim, expressed his motivation for participating, stating: "I joined this activity because I strongly believe in the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. Engaging directly in initiatives like EM Mudballs allows me to align my personal values with our corporate commitment to making a positive impact in our community. This activity not only enhances water quality and restores ecosystems but also fosters teamwork and unity among participants, showcasing our dedication to environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility."

Similarly, Kim In, our Tank Container Operation shared his perspective, "My interest in environmental activities stems from my time living in Freiburg im Breisgau, a renowned green city in Germany. When I learned about the EM balls activity, I immediately saw its potential for cleaning up our Han River, similar to the Dreisam River near my former home, thanks to its eco-friendly composition. Participating in the EM balls activity was both enjoyable and rewarding."


A big Thank U goes out to all the volunteers who contributed to making our river cleaner!