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Leschaco Mexicana's CSR Initiative: Improving Education for 300 Children in Coatepec Harinas

Leschaco CSR

Leschaco Mexicana has initiated the project to improve education in remote areas of Mexico. Under the UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 4, which focuses on Quality Education, Leschaco aims to address the pressing issue of inadequate educational infrastructure in regions like Coatepec Harinas. 

Coatepec Harinas, situated two hours away from cities like Mexico City, faces considerable challenges in providing suitable educational environments for its children. Many students attend school in cramped, inadequate buildings that hinder their educational experience. 

Recognizing the need for intervention, Leschaco Mexicana decided to take action. Teaming up with the local organization CONSTRUYENDO Comunidades Integrales, the company committed on a project to build up a proper classroom in Coatepec Harinas. Volunteers from Leschaco Mexicana, alongside parents and teachers from the local school, Efren Sámano Montufar, joined forces to make this initiative a reality. 

This action builds upon Leschaco Mexicana's previous collaboration with CONSTRUYENDO. Following the earthquake in 2017, the company contributed to rebuilding efforts by constructing houses in another town.  

The construction process was a proof of the power of teamwork. Over three days, volunteers worked tirelessly to build up the walls and install the classroom's roof. Despite facing challenges, such as transportation issues on the first day, the commitment of all involved prevailed. 

The second day proved to be the most demanding, with volunteers undertaking tasks such as plastering walls and mixing cement for the roof. Their collective efforts resulted in the project being completed ahead of schedule. 

On the final day, a new team of volunteers joined to add the finishing touches. The occasion was marked by the gratitude from the students, who sang a thank-you song. Local officials also attended the celebration, underscoring the significance of the project for the community. 

Thanks to all Leschaco Mexicana colleagues who participated as volunteers, this construction will have a positive impact on more than 300 children, ensuring they receive a quality education, including children with intellectual disabilities, and indirectly benefitting more than 1,200 people living in this community. Furthermore, we aspire to establish partnerships with the Municipal Presidency of Coatepec Harinas to uplift not only this school but also others in the vicinity. 

 “Participating in this activity filled me with motivation as I witnessed the collaboration and teamwork of all my colleagues. I feel incredibly happy and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this project, which will benefit many children in their development. It feels like giving back a little of what life has given us. I am proud to be part of the Leschaco team, a team that consistently cares not only for its workers. I hope that these projects inspire other companies to join in this work’’ -  Miriam Soto, Business Transformation Assistant at Leschaco Mexicana