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Leschaco Spain Shines Bright at XI Carrera de Empresas Valencia 2024

Leschaco CSR

Leschaco Spain proudly participated in the XI Carrera de Empresas Valencia 2024, held on the bright morning of Sunday, May 5. This event, which is part of our CSR initiative ‘We Run Together as a Global Team’ and it is endorsed by our colleague Nacho Siscar in Spain, not only showcased our commitment to corporate social responsibility but also exemplified our commitment to promoting a healthy and active workplace culture.

The XI Carrera de Empresas Valencia 2024, organized by Grupo Nostresport, witnessed an unprecedented participation, breaking all previous records and surpassing the expectations of organizers. With a remarkable total of 8,027 registered participants, the event transformed the streets of Valencia into a big open-air arena of sport.

Leschaco Spain took the opportunity to contribute to this remarkable initiative, with nine of our employees enthusiastically taking part in the marathon of Companies. Running shoulder to shoulder, our team collectively covered an impressive distance of 45 km, symbolizing our unity and shared commitment to embracing challenges and surpassing limits. They have already committed to participating in next year's competition and have raised the bar, increasing the target race distance from 5 km to 7.5 km.

’It was an amazing event indeed and we are looking forward for next year’s competition,’ said Matthias Reiser Leschaco Iberia Managing Director.

’What a wonderful event! It was a fantastic debut for Leschaco Iberia. After the event, we shared lunch together where we had time to discuss the highlights and future events. Currently, we're in the midst of an internal discussion about the next event. The primary topic is the distance; we're considering increasing it to 7.5km. The plan is to participate in four events throughout the year: a 5km run, a 7.5km run, a Half Marathon, and a Marathon.’’ – added Nacho Siscar, Sales Manager Leschaco Spain and Global CSR ‘We Run Together’ Initiative Endorser


A big Thank U goes out to all our participants!