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Leschaco Thailand - Environmental Awareness and Community Cleanup Initiative

Leschaco CSR

We care a lot about our planet and are fully dedicated to making things better by raising awareness about the environment. Our commitment aligns closely with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 13. Specifically, our focus is on addressing Climate Action contributing to the global sustainability agenda.

On October 20th 2023, a group of 30 volunteers from Leschaco Thailand participated in the 'Canal Cleaning for Better Community' event at Lad Phrao Canal. This activity was made possible with the support of the TerraCycle Thai Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing water pollution and promoting recycling.

Our volunteers were divided into two teams, each comprising 15 members. Each team boarded boats to remove trash from the canal and collect litter from the homes in residential communities along the canal's banks. Over the course of three hours, we made significant progress in cleaning and collecting trash from the canal.

Following our morning, we enjoyed a delightful lunch at Prapassorn restaurant - a small dining place in the community previously established by the community leaders. The objective of this local business is to help people in the community who lost their jobs during COVID. The revenue generated from this activity is reinvested in the community to support other local businesses, fostering a sense of togetherness and economic well-being for all.

The post-lunch session was about sorting and weighing all the collected trash with a particular focus on identifying plastic and glass bottles suitable for recycling. We also had the privilege of hearing from James Scott, Executive Director of the TerraCycle Foundation, who provided insights into the foundation's operations and offered knowledge about various types of plastics and their decomposition times.

During this activity, two teams competed to sort different types of plastic waste and evaluate the decomposition rates. These insights allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental impacts of our efforts.

In just three hours and with the dedicated involvement of only 30 individuals, we collected a substantial amount of waste 1,702 kilograms. This effort helps our employees learn more about the environment and stops waste from breaking down into tiny plastic bits that could end up in the ocean and harm sea creatures and people's health.

We are very grateful to all the volunteers who participated in this event.