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Leschaco Vietnam participated in ‘’Run to Live 2024’’

Leschaco CSR

In 2024, Leschaco continues to focus on the well-being and good health of its employees, as they one of CSR goals "Our Family" is to ensure that all employees maintain good health and well-being aligning with the United Nations' number three which covers this topic. 

On March 10th 2024, 14 volunteer representatives from Leschaco Vietnam participated in the "Run to Live 2024" event with different distances of 5 and 10 kilometers, to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports activities among our colleagues. Beyond the health benefits, they also aimed to give back to the community because the organizer will allocate a portion of the event’s revenues to projects supporting children facing challenges in learning and lacking basic necessities as well as extends support to athletes with disabilities to pursue their dreams accordingly.

Our colleagues were very happy to have joined this local event highlighting the joy, excitement, and sense of accomplishment derived from this action.

Big Thanks to all participants for their participation! They do not only gain health, spirit, and a medal, but every step they take is also contributing to a better life for many people.