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Promoting Health and Well-Being Across Leschaco Regions

Leschaco CSR

At Leschaco, we believe our employees' well-being is important. We follow the goal of keeping people healthy and happy, just like the Sustainable Development Goal 3. We have organized different health activities in our regions in the Americas, APAC, and EMEAI & Germany to make sure our employees feel their best. 

AMERICAS: Promoting Vitality and Team Spirit 

In the Americas, Leschaco provides various health programs and platforms to empower our employees in Mexico, the USA, and Brazil aiming to boost health but also foster team spirit and engagement: 

InBalance by Leschaco - This initiative implemented already in Mexico and soon in Chile and Peru, focusing on holistic well-being. 

Wellness Coach App - Our employees in the USA have access to this app, which offers guidance on healthy lifestyle. 

Ativa Zen & Gympass - In Brazil, we have partnered with Ativa Zen and Gympass to promote physical fitness and wellness among our employees. 

Each of these platforms incorporates different challenges, and employees who participate can earn prizes and become health ambassadors. 

In Mexico, we have even taken our commitment a step further by forming men's and women's soccer teams, participating in tournaments with our suppliers, thereby strengthening our commercial relationships. In Mexico, there have even created soccer teams for men and women, and we play in tournaments with our suppliers, which helps make our business relationships stronger. A coach visits Leschaco Mexicana's offices every Tuesday, ensuring our employees have access to professional training to stay fit and healthy.  

In Brazil, our volleyball team actively participates in various matches and encourages colleagues to join in, promoting physical activity. In the USA, we participated in a couple of walkathons to stay active and healthy and raise awareness of different diseases.  

Furthermore, in Mexico, we offer online psychological therapy every week, free of charge, for our employees. This service ensures that we can monitor and support those at risk while maintaining the confidentiality of all data. Additionally, we have a fixed medical office in our Mexican offices where a doctor is available to provide immediate care when needed. We maintain up-to-date medical files for all employees to ensure their safety in emergencies. Regular health workshops and monthly healthy shots are organized to prevent diseases and raise awareness. 

APAC: Prioritizing Health and Well-Being  

In the APAC region, Leschaco places a strong emphasis on well-being. We believe that physical health plays a key role for overall happiness and productivity. To support this, we have organized a CSR Talk Session about sustainable weight management. Specifically, the spotlight was on three techniques: Intermittent Fasting (IF) for gradual progress, strategic meal sequencing, and informed food choices. These techniques, known for their simplicity and practicality, hold relevance for daily routines, thereby fostering physical well-being.  

By encouraging these habits, we aim to create a supportive and thriving workplace. Taking care of your health is an ongoing journey, and slight changes in your weekly routine can significantly impact your overall well-being. 

EMEAI & Germany: Celebrating Health and Unity 

In the EMEAI and Germany region, Leschaco HR and CSR have joined forces and organized the first edition of the Health Day Festival. This event, held at our headquarters, offered an array of activities to promote health and well-being among our Leschaco team members such as: body composition scale, spine screening, and exploring Hansefit offerings; a booth with exciting cyberfitness deals; fascia training and brain fitness; disc Golf, "Good Shot" with the Leschaco soccer team, and "Good Darts’’; as well as different informative sessions. 

Our valued partner, Special Olympics, has also joined us to share relaxation techniques to unwind and de-stress and tips on healthy eating. The day was filled with activities to satisfy diverse interests, from healthy refreshments to informative sessions. 

Leschaco's Health Day Festival is a testament to our commitment to health, unity, and community empowerment. Together, we thrive by prioritizing our health and connecting with colleagues. By taking care of our health and spending time with our colleagues, we all do better.  

Together We Thrive: Empower Health, Empower Community!