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Customized logistics – worldwide from a single source

The Leschaco Group is a global logistics service provider that combines Hanseatic tradition with cosmopolitanism and a spirit of innovation. “Experienced. Dedicated. Customized.” This is a fitting summary of the company’s philosophy: On the basis of decade-long experience teams of specialists set up customized solutions.

The company was founded under the name of Lexzau, Scharbau in Hamburg in 1879 by Wilhelm Lexzau and Julius Scharbau. In 1992, Jörg Conrad became the owner and active managing director of the international Leschaco Group.

Since August 2021, his children Constantin Conrad (Chief Digital Officer and Member of the Executive Board in the Leschaco Group) and Charlotte Palermo (HR Projects Manager in the Leschaco Group) have been part owners. At the same time, Constantin Conrad was appointed Managing Director with sole power of representation. Following the death of Jörg Conrad in October 2022, Constantin Conrad took over the role as CEO.

Today the owner-managed medium-sized Company with 92 own offices and more than 3,300 employees in more than 24 countries is there for its customers worldwide. The own network is further strengthened by selected agents all over the world. We are where the industry and the trade need us.

From the Bremen headquarters our employees spread the company’s values: a sustainable orientation towards the needs of the customers, an international presence, a strong quality awareness, and high demands on the own work and on the work of the carefully selected service providers.

In our comprehensive logistics solutions from one source this is demonstrated, among other things, by the high process transparency, made possible by uniform IT frameworks worldwide.

Leschaco is active in the fields of sea- and air freight, tank containers as well as contract logistics. With our worldwide logistics solutions we are a reliable partner of leading companies in the machinery and plant engineering industry, automotive industry, chemical industry and associated sectors, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals.

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Lexzau, Scharbau GmbH & Co. KG
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28237 Bremen
phone (49) 421.6101 0
fax (49) 421.6101 489

Business Units

Sea freight
Air freight
Tank Container
Contract logistics
Intermodal transports
Supply Chain Solutions

Facts and Figures

Founded: 1879
Employees worldwide: 3,300
Offices worldwide: 92
Owner: Constantin Conrad, Charlotte Palermo (born Conrad)

Board of Management:
- Constantin Conrad (Chief Executive Officer)
- Nils Fahrenholz (Chief Operating Officer)
- Ulrich Steenken (Chief Financial Officer)
- Steffen Küpper (Chief People and Culture Officer)

Vision and Mission

Board of Management

Information Security​

In an age of digitalized value chains and complete business models, ensuring information security in companies is essential. As a globally active logistics service provider, the topic of security is therefore an integral part of our corporate philosophy. ​ ​

The trust of our customers and business partners in our secure information technologies has absolute priority. To meet these requirements, the Leschaco Group implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS), which is based on the international standards ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and the relevant legal and industry-specific requirements. This enables us to guarantee the effective and sustainable implementation of information security. This also includes the definition of clear responsibilities and the availability of appropriate resources.

​ The Leschaco Group's security officer is the central point of contact for all security-related issues and regularly supervises the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented security measures. In this way, we preventively ensure a constant adaptation of the measures to new circumstances in order to be able to counteract possible potential dangers at an early stage. ​

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our identity and mission. Our aspiration is to be regarded as an exemplary model that effectively navigates the demands of modern logistics while simultaneously prioritizing well-being. This objective applies to our employees, customers, and suppliers, all of whom we seek to impress through our actions. The implementation of our values is manifested through "Our Family" internally, and "Our Planet" and "Our Friends" externally. Adhering to these principles is fundamental to our triumphs. Our success is contingent upon our ability to positively influence and impact our stakeholders, while remaining true to our core competencies and prioritizing our most pressing concerns.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the practice of incorporating social and environmental considerations into the company's operations and engagements with stakeholders, such as customers and employees. It involves achieving a balance between economic, environmental, and social objectives, while meeting the needs and expectations of shareholders and other stakeholders. This aligns with Leschaco #WeCare concept, which emphasizes a company's commitment to promoting sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility.

Safety and Quality

A reliable framework

Global logistics providers are situated in a network of complex relationships. The increasing speed of changes on the market, in the society and in technology is creating manifold challenges. A future-orientated company therefore needs a comprehensive regulatory framework that takes into account this network of challenges and that at the same time leaves the necessary leeway for acting in a flexible way.

Leschaco tackles these tasks successfully in accordance with the needs of the customers, of the employees, of the partners, and of the public. We have therefore set up an Integrated Management System (IMS). It serves as a reliable orientation for the group and for our customers.

Leschaco has set itself the goal of providing an excellent performance in the fields of health and occupational safety, transportation safety, environment protection, as well as ethics and quality. The experts here talk in short of HSEQ – which stands for Health, Safety, Environment, Quality. Our IMS takes into account all these aspects on an equal footing and integrates the respective concerns into all management and decision-making processes. The advantage: Instead of several management systems working apart from one another, the IMS provides our customers and us with a clearly structured safeguarding of the desired standards in one system. 

Our Sustainability Management has been awarded with a "Silver Certification" by EcoVadis, an independent agency for assessing the CSR performance of companies. This result places Leschaco among the top 30 % performers evaluated by EcoVadis world-wide.

Besides the integrated quality and environment management systems ISO 9001 and 14001 the areas of safety, health, and ethics become more and more important. Today they are an inseparable part of our business activities and they are the basis for fulfilling demanding services worldwide.


What we offer

Our company thrives on the commitment of every single employee. Relations with our staff are characterized by mutual recognition and respect. Highly committed and motivated employees who are well qualified for their work are the prerequisite for our customer-oriented business in a dynamic international environment. This is a key part of our corporate culture and a basic requirement for our sustained economic success – worldwide.

We want to be an exciting and challenging place to work and our employees know that we value their work. Depending on location we offer a number of other benefits besides remuneration. These range from capital forming payments right from the start of employment as well as pension models and different insurance services to flexible working hours, initial and further training measures to medical services, corporate fitness activities but also assistance in finding accommodation. Where possible, we offer our employees childcare in cooperation with local institutions.

If we have awoken your interest, we look forward to receiving your application.