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In Bremen, directly between the Weser river and the industrial port, lies the centre of the worldwide network of the Leschaco Group. In a company headquarters that is almost as renowned in this traditional Hanseatic city as the Roland or the Town Musicians. 

For the nerve centre of the global activities is also an architectural masterpiece, created in 1969 by Gerhard Müller-Menckens. The whole building is reminiscent of a large ocean liner and the office floors rise up like a ship superstructure. The hulk is made of the roof of an old U-boat bunker. The L-shape of this distinctive company headquarters also in a stylized form marks the base of the Leschaco logo.

That the headquarters looks so similar to the bridge of a mighty ship actually makes sense. After all it is here in Bremen where the worldwide course for the whole Leschaco Group is steered. “As a traditional medium-sized company we combine Hanseatic values with the modern values of a professional, future-oriented logistics company“, says Jörg Conrad, owner of the Leschaco Group. “For us the motto: ‘think locally, act globally‘ is the key to the success.“

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