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In November 2016, the Leschaco group celebrated its 40th anniversary in tank container logistics. It was on 13 November 1976 when Leschaco first shipped ten 20-foot tank containers aboard the vessel Tillie Lykes from Bremerhaven to Houston.

At that time Leschaco was already an established international forwarding company. It was prepared to meet the challenges presented by the shipment of dangerous chemicals and, indeed, represented itself as the forwarder of choice in this demanding sector.

"The idea of tank container shipments matured through months of preparation with customers and tank container manufacturers. Leschaco was a pioneer in the history of this means of transport," recalls Jörg Conrad, owner and managing shareholder of the Leschaco group.

The development of transatlantic tank container movements in the late 1970s was the decisive factor in the decision to set up Leschaco Inc in New York in 1978, marking the beginnings of the internationalisation of the group. Today Leschaco employs more than 2,000 people in over 20 countries around the world. That network is supplemented by agents at other sites ensuring close customer support on a global basis.


Tank containers now represent one of the core business activities of the Leschaco group, alongside sea and airfreight and contract logistics. It controls more than 4,000 tank containers, which are employed exclusively in the deep-sea business. Through this fleet, Leschaco can offer its customers port-to-port transport services as well as more complete transport and logistics solutions.

The shipping process starts with consultation with the shipper, particularly when the goods to be carried fall under the provisions of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. Discussions involve pre-carriage and sea transport, customs clearance and on-carriage in the destination country. The order processing is carried out by Leschaco’s own IT applications, which include tracking and tracing and different options for the collection and presentation of key performance indicators (KPIs).

"Our globally integrated IT structure guarantees an optimum flow of data," the company asserts. "The forwarder can accurately follow up the status and location of their shipments via the tracking system at any place and time."

Leschaco first developed its state-of-the-art IT fleet management system several years ago and has kept it up to date since then; it can also be used by its customers for their own fleet management, with the transport order processing being carried out by Leschaco.


In addition to centralised tank container management at group headquarters in Bremen, Leschaco has regional Tank Container Competence Centres in Houston, Tokyo and Bremen. These are responsible for ensuring the efficient operational employment of the fleet.

"Our network is available to our customers around the clock and around the world," says Holger Warnecke, director of Lexzau, Scharbau and the man responsible for the Leschaco group’s worldwide tank container business. "What is important to us is not only to show our presence in the market - our objective is the optimisation of the processes, taking into consideration the needs of the client and country-specific requirements. With over 40 companies in more than 20 countries in the world, as well as selected agents at other locations, we can fulfil local requirements and perform the proper handling of the transports together with additional services."

Safety and quality are given top priority in all Leschaco’s business operations. "Our central Quality Management Department in Bremen is responsible for setting targets in these fields for the entire company. Continuous improvement processes are essential for the success of our company. Although the tank container market has been under increasing pressure of competition for some years, which has developed from the influence of an overcapacity of equipment and an increase in new providers, Leschaco has not made any compromises when it comes to safety and quality," the company states. "Thus, the Leschaco group relies on its hazmat teams at different locations to provide advice to its customers in an expert manner and to support them in damage claims."

"When the tank container concept was introduced in the 1970s as a new and universal means of transport, nobody knew if it would find acceptance in the market. Today we cannot imagine transports without it and it has established itself as a safe, flexible and universal transport solution for liquids of all kinds as well as pressurised and cryogenic gases," Leschaco says.

"Despite the difficult market situation, we at Leschaco are convinced that tank container transports, especially in the field of chemical products, will continue to grow."

Leschaco will be attending the Transport Logistic show in Munich from 9 to 12 May. Visitors to the show will be able to talk to the team at the Seaports Niedersachsen, Port of Rotterdam and ISH Initiative Stadtbremische Häfen booths. More information on the company and its services can be found at

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