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Different carriers with one target

Logistics and philosophy have one thing in common – they both require deep thinking. But there is one point where they are quite different: For a logistics service provider the path is never the goal. Instead, what is decisive is that the goods reach their correct goal at the right time. 

Therefore the Leschaco Group counts on different kinds of carriers according to the specific needs of the industrial customers. Depending on the type of goods, size and weight of the shipments, requested time schedules, and other criteria we set up quick and individual transportation chains. Worldwide. 

Depending on the specifics on the ground we combine rail, road, and inland waterway traffic. Whether as a part of the supply chain or for the distribution of finished goods: With our multimodal solutions each shipment reaches its destination. Hereby we use our own equipment in a country-specific way or we cooperate with competent and strong partners.

Through the selection and the combination of the carriers we optimize commodity flows and concentrate transports. This applies to containerized loads, e.g. a packed product, as well as for oversized packages, hazardous materials or non-classified goods. What is important for the consigner: No matter whether it is the rail, the road, or the river – the transparency of the supply chain is guaranteed all the way.

Our flexibility provides yet another advantage that is getting more and more important for many companies: the possibility of eco-friendly transports with particularly low-emission carriers.

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