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All the benefits of sea freight with smaller volumes

LCL loading achieves something like the squaring of a circle: It opens up the full potential of global sea freight even for such shipper whose consignment volumes would not fill whole container. And it provides flexibility for companies which as a whole may have large volumes to be transported but whose supply chain benefits from a partition into smaller shipments.

LCL stands for “Less than Container Load“, i.e. the partial load traffic per sea container. The principle is equal to the classic consolidated freight transport on land where general cargo of several shipper are collected and then transported in a joint main transport.

The Leschaco Group always offers LCL traffic as a full service package where the customers will receive all partial aspects of the transportation chain from one source. Leschaco has a long-term expertise when it comes to consolidated containers and piece goods. Regular departures guarantee the reliable and quick transportation of the LCL goods to all the regions of the world as well as short transit times. Our LCL hubs around the globe provide a smooth operation up to a door-to-door delivery.

With AC Container Line the Leschaco Group owns highly qualified Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). This subsidiary company cooperates with many premium shipping companies. It guarantees a high flexibility and reliability of the LCL transports. Sea freight rates in line with the market and a highly integrated process transparency within our strong network round up the complete package.

As all the roads of our LCL traffics converge at the Leschaco Group, the shipper benefits from it in several ways: The personal support by a dedicated logistics expert shortens the decision-path and increases the flexibility. The small number of interfaces reduces the risk of errors, a fast handling of documents, and the globally uniform IT structure guarantee an optimal flow of data. And by means of our shipment tracking the shipper is able to follow the status and the place of his LCL loads right down to an individual package.

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