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Global and efficient Less than Container Load Shipments

The Leschaco Group always offers LCL traffic as a full-service package where the customers will receive all partial aspects of the transportation chain from one source.

It opens up the full potential of global sea freight even for such shipper whose consignment volumes would not fill whole container.

It also provides flexibility for companies which as a whole may have large volumes to be transported but whose supply chain benefits from a partition into smaller shipments.

Leschacos LCL Sailings offers detailed and up-to-date information at a glance.

Why Leschaco?

Leschaco has a long-term expertise when it comes to consolidated containers and piece goods. Regular departures guarantee the reliable and quick transportation of the LCL goods to all the regions of the world as well as short transit times.

Our LCL is Creation. We conceive new ways of transporting to ensure the most economical transport.

Our LCL Expertise covers everything your goods need and deserve. Especially with our deep knowledge in handling sensitive cargo.

The Motion of our LCL is unique. Diversity in Leschaco‘s LCL adds up to comprehensive freight flows, moving the world.

We build our LCL on Trust, shaped through our2500 employees worldwide and our extensive network, building sustainable consistency.

Our LCL is Mindset. Leschaco‘s professionals bring in exceptional dedication for this unique kind of forwarding.

We change Perspectives. To focus on your needs, we change our point of view to offer a continuously improving service.

What is your need?


LCL Transport Package

  • Weekly Departures
  • Tracking/Tracing
  • Long/Mid-Term Planning


LCL Transport Package

+ Last-Minute-Shipping

+ Priority Handling

+ Insurance


LCL Transport Package

+ Lead-Time-Optimization

+ Time-Saving-Services

Our Special Expertise?

LCL Transport Package

+ Sensitive Cargo Treatment

The Leschaco HUB System

Our Leschaco HUB System connects over 200 destinations around the globe and provides a smooth operation up to a door-to-door delivery.

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