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Edible oils from Brazil, flowers from the Netherlands, harvesters from Germany – the economic goods shipped worldwide are as different as the needs of people and companies around our globe. They all require transport container that are perfectly adapted to the product properties while at the same time still allowing a standardized, cost-effective loading.

The Leschaco Group provides worldwide the suitable equipment for the special needs of the shipper. For we are not just one of the most important operators of ISO tank container, but also provide a wide range of special equipment at our disposal.

Flat Rack – open to many sides

They are of an open and thus inviting nature. Flat Racks are container with two front walls but without side walls and roof. They are an interesting solution for every transport good exceeding the standard size of the ISO container.

The Leschaco Group also provides these special container for industrial customers who must transport goods with an oversize width, height and/or weight – e.g. machines and plants. Flat Racks are a cost-efficient and product-specific option within international supply chains. Also because the loading and unloading of the open racks can be done easier and therefore quicker than in the case of standard container.

Flexi tanks – adaptable and convertible

Flexi tanks are plastic container for standard 20-foot container. They can be used for many industrial products outside of the dangerous goods classes – e.g. certain liquid chemicals but also victuals like drinks or edible oils.

High Cube Container – high up for low costs

When goods are huge but not necessarily heavy: High Cube Container are perfectly suitable specifically for the transport of general cargo which is light and at the same time very voluminous. Or also for goods with an oversize height of up to 2.70 metres. They are one foot (some 30 centimetres) higher than standard container and allow an accordingly easy loading through the 2.59 metre high doors.

The Leschaco Group can also provide shipper from industry and trade with these space-saving wonders. As they provide more storage space on the same area, High Cube Container can lead to significant cost benefits for certain groups of goods.

Open Top Container – Upward open capacities

Do you want it a little higher? Open Top Container have no fixed roof but instead a detachable tarpaulin and they are specifically designed for cargo with a height exceeding the height of a standard container like machine tools or energy plants. Depending on its proportions the transported product can be loaded and unloaded either from above or – in case of a door header swivelled out – from the door side. Loading and unloading is done via a crane, otherwise the handling of Open Top Container is just like that of normal closed versions. The transported product is secured towards the top with a tarpaulin and protected from the container walls.

Open Top Container thus constitute a cost conscious alternative for machines and facilities with an oversize height. They don’t have to be dismantled – or at least to a considerable less degree. This saves time and costs and minimizes transportation and assembly risks.

Reefer Container – a cool solution for well-tempered transports

When freshness is needed: For industry and trade temperature-controlled transports, especially transcontinental ones, are an indispensable element of their logistic chains. Food, confectionery, drinks, but also pharmaceuticals require specific means of transportation: product-specific and cost-efficient. The Leschaco Group covers a wide range of different refrigerated container that protect perishables at arctic temperatures or up to warm 20 degrees Celsius – even when outside the temperatures are just the opposite.

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