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The ideal solution is round and square

Robust stainless steel tanks, fitted into ISO frames as per internationally recognized standards: Tank Containers have long proven themselves as a safe, flexible and universal transportation solution for liquids of all kinds as well as for pressurized and refrigerated liquid gases.

Leschaco is one of the pioneers of tank container logistics in overseas traffic. Since the beginning of the history of the tank container, we have offered our customers in industry and commerce these transport possibilities.

In addition to tank container handling we also provide our customers with full logistical services. This means that in addition to providing the necessary equipment, we carry out smooth door-to-door traffics including the use of the optimum mode of transport for pre-carriage and on-carriage, the customs clearance and the required processing of documents.

The Leschaco fleet is controlled by an efficient IT software system worldwide. Our customers can trace their shipments online at any time through our company’s own portal.

Leschaco has more than 5.000 own tank containers in their fleet at present, which are employed round the globe for our customers. We have developed our own state-of-the art Tank Container System (TCS), which is continuously kept up-to-date, showing all fleet movements in real time.

TCS is also used as a fleet management tool, in order to monitor and manage the fleet efficiently and is available to our customers for their own tank container fleet when the transportation is being arranged and/or handled by Leschaco. We offer tailor-made solutions which are specially made to meet the needs of the customers.

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