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SOLAS VGM Disclaimer

The amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulation (Chapter VI, part A, regulation 2) require the packed containers' Verified Gross Mass (VGM) to be submitted prior to stowage aboard a vessel.
Non-compliance herewith will bar the vessel operator from loading of a packed container on the intended vessel.
VGM is to be determined by one of the permissible methods pursuant to the SOLAS regulation and the applicable law of the State of the loading port.
Please refer to our website for further details.

It is herewith agreed that reporting of the correct VGM details is the sole responsibility of the Customer unless otherwise provided in the contract of carriage.
The Customer can make use of different channels to provide the VGM details to LESCHACO, for further details please refer to our website. Regardless of the method used to submit the VGM details, the VGM details must be stated by the Customer’s authorized representative and must be available for LESCHACO latest at the VGM-Cut-Off-Date, as stated on the booking confirmation.
LESCHACO is not responsible for the accuracy of the tare weight information of any equipment that has been provided by the vessel operator or shipping line. 

In case no VGM details are made available timely or in the VGM details are not accurate, LESCHACO will not be allowed to load the unit(s) on board of the planned vessel. 
A subsequent delay of the shipment might occur and non-compliance may result in additional costs for but not limited to stevedoring, transportation, storage, weighing as well as penalties and/or administrative charges.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that LESCHACO will rely on the accuracy of the VGM details furnished and that LESCHACO shall be entitled to tender such details to the vessel operator or any other entity which requires or relies upon this information. 

The Customer agrees to be held responsible for any incorrect or delayed VGM details, and shall indemnify and hold LESCHACO harmless from any claims, losses, fines, penalties and/or delays resulting from inaccurate, incomplete or delayed VGM details.