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Appropriate transports for all that remains

Every economic action leaves its traces. But not all of them are desired or will still be needed. The variety of production and industrial waste ranges from cloths polluted with solvents to empty car batteries and transformers containing PCB. As waste products of this kind often have to fulfil specific transport and disposal requirements, the field of waste logistics has recently become increasingly important.

It is not just a matter of getting remains out of the way. And it is not just a matter of recycling them in an eco-friendly and norm-complying manner.
Today professional waste logistics
also contributes measurably to the profitability of the manufacturing company.

The Leschaco Group provides the right solutions for this field that is becoming more and more important. Our International Waste Logistic Department (IWLD) is very much acquainted with the relevant regulations and procedures. For example with the Basel Convention of 1989 that defines clear rules of conduct for the control of cross-border transport of dangerous waste and of its disposal.

Leschaco’s IWLD supports and organizes international, intercontinental and cross-border transports of commercial and industrial waste. Thereby we manage the transport, including import and export, of dangerous and non-dangerous residuals and select a suitable carrier depending on the specific needs of the case.

This generally also includes the application for necessary permits and the documentation for the disposal, which complies with the regulations. If a company decides to carry out these tasks on its own, we gladly support it with the issuing of all the necessary documents.  A clearly defined notifying procedure guarantees the transparency of the transportation processes. And the waste logistics specialists of Leschaco will also carry out the related exchange of information with the authorities, service providers, customers and their partners.

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