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Leschaco China celebrate its 10th Anniversary

Shanghai, September 06, 2017 - Leschaco (China) Ltd celebrated 10 years of company history with almost 100 invited guests in Shanghai.

Mr. Jörg Conrad, owner of the Leschaco Group opened the anniversary event with his official speech. He was pleased about the numerous guests, who have accompanied Leschaco China in different ways over the past ten years.

After having successfully established subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific region during the years 1992 to 2000, starting in Singapore - the company celebrated its 25th anniversary last week - Leschaco decided to establish an own presence in the high-growth country China, too and opened its first office in Shanghai in 2007.

Over the past 10 years Leschaco China has grown to become what it is today: An established and reputable company with additional 8 offices in the strategically important locations Hong Kong, Nanjing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Ningbo, Dalian, Shenzhen and Beijing.

The company is active in all product areas of the Leschaco Group and has a staff of 95 members who work daily for their customers at the Leschaco offices. With its head office in Shanghai Leschaco China has established itself as a reliable logistics service provider and as a NVOCC at one of the busiest ports worldwide.

The company combines the services of a lead logistics provider with tank container operations and classical shipping - local to global - and thus offer the wide range of services with which we reach customers from multinational corporations as well as Chinese partners.

Specialized in door-to-door transports, including customs clearance, Leschaco China is an acknowledged specialist for the chemical industry.

More and more the company also carries out warehousing, national distribution and supports its customers in the fields of pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, engineering and automotive industry with a complete offer of logistics services.

In his speech, Mr Jörg Conrad took a look into the future, too. He underlined the strengths of Leschaco China and focused on the growth prospects in China. In recent years, the Middle Kingdom has experienced an incredibly fast-paced economic development and will remain one of the most important driver in the global economy - despite recent easing economic dynamics.

(fltr: Elke Conrad, Jörg Conrad, CEO and Owner of the Leschaco Group, Falk Ruehling, Managing Director Leschaco (China) LTD., Oliver Oestreich, COO Leschaco Group)