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Leschaco, Inc. celebrates 40 Years of Company Anniversary

New York | Houston, September 2018 - Leschaco, Inc. (USA) celebrated 40 years of company history in New York and Houston with many invited guests.

Mr. Jörg Conrad, CEO and owner of the Leschaco Group, had to cancel his participation at short notice. In his place, his son Constantin Conrad officially opened the two anniversary events with a speech. On behalf of his father and his attending mother Elke and sister Charlotte, he welcomed the many guests who have accompanied Leschaco, Inc. over the past 40 years. Mr. Mark Malambri, Managing Director of Leschaco, Inc. also addressed the participating guests and thanked them for coming as well as for the decades of cooperation.

In New York, the ceremony took place on board the Manhattan II. In a relaxed maritime atmosphere, the guests enjoyed an evening tour on the Hudson River. In Houston, the company's anniversary was celebrated at The Houston Club atop One Shell Plaza, from where the guests could enjoy a breath-taking view of the evening city.

Leschaco, Inc. was founded on 13 June 1978. Already in those years Leschaco was an internationally active logistics service provider, which faced up to the special requirements of the shipments of chemical goods and already at that time was considered as "the" forwarder in the chemical industry. Thanks to its decades of experience, Leschaco, Inc. can today provide its customers with services in the areas of sea and air freight, project logistics and tank container operations as well as dangerous goods regulations, US customs brokerage and letters of credit, and offer these in individual and effective logistics service packages door-to-door for the benefit of their customers.

With approximately 100 employees and strategic locations in Charleston, Chicago, Houston, Jersey City, Los Angeles and Miami, Leschaco, Inc. is well positioned for the dynamic transportation world.

At the end of his speech, Constantin Conrad took a look into the future. The USA is the largest economy in the world and the US economy is booming: in the second quarter of this year, growth amounted to 4.1 percent. This is twice as much as in the first quarter of 2018. "In order to further strengthen and expand the position and importance of Leschaco, Inc., we will continue to invest in our company in the USA, its employees and its business relationships - for the benefit of our customers," he concluded.

f.l.t.r.: Mark Malambri (Managing Director Leschaco, Inc.), Elke Conrad (wife of the CEO
and Owner of the Leschaco Group, Jörg Conrad), Constantin Conrad (Branch Manager Leschaco

f.l.t.r.: Mark Malambri, Elke Conrad , Constantin Conrad