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Leschaco Start-up Logward Announces Market Entry

Bremen - Hamburg | November 2019: Founded about one and a half years ago by Leschaco, Logward GmbH & Co. KG leaves the beta phase and announces its market entry and active product commercialization.

The founding of a digital freight forwarding services provider is part of Leschaco's digitization strategy and will help the Group identify new business opportunities, develop innovative business models and new digital freight forwarding services to best meet future customer needs.

Logward's business model can be described as "Supply Chain Management as a Service", to which four central components belong: Firstly, rate and allocation management; secondly, planning shipments, including customs clearance and creating packing lists; thirdly, the actual handling of the transport; and fourthly, business intelligence functions across the supply chain.

Customers can manage and control their supply chain on a cloud platform. Processing is the responsibility of 3PL service providers such as Leschaco (or other 3PLs at the customer's request). Logward serves the customer as a digital control tower in which shipments can be followed live. At the customer's request, Logward can supplement this digital service with analogue customer service.

The target group of this service are companies that ship containers worldwide – an expansion of the services for air freight is in process.

Logward is a 100% Leschaco subsidiary and fully independent. The start-up has offices in Germany and India.

CEO Jonas Krumland (right on the photo) with part of the Logward team in Hamburg.