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LLP Tool Box

Supply Chain Management

The Leschaco SCM Tool offer a Control Tower solution to manage all parties involved in the Supply Chain. Access for partners can be granted through a web access, a login and a password. 

The standard set-up includes:

  • Purchase Order / Delivery Note management
  • Full visibility of order status
  • Shipment data
  • Tracking data
  • Upload and filing of documents
  • Supply Chain Event Management 
  • Automated alert messages if an event has occurred


Risk Management

Developing a comprehensive risk strategy that includes both preventive and reactive plans is consequently more important than ever. We’ll bring you in a position by offering a strong SCRM tool to act rapidly and effectively in a crisis situation thereby turning risk into a competitive advantage.


Non Conformance Management

The Leschaco non conformance management tool enable us to identify and document non conformances and enforce structured failure analysis, root cause identification, corrective action and the development of a continuous improvement plan.


Other interactive tools in use are:

  • Carrier Allocation Management
  • Online Freight Portal
  • Track & Tracing




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