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The automotive industry’s Innovative strength and the speed of its development are without precedent. The intensity of the competition and the cost pressure are also, too. For the car manufacturers as well as well their suppliers powerful logistics systems are among the decisive success factors – from the procurement of the components to the distribution of the finished products.

The model and process architecture, that has become extremely complex, is very demanding with respect to reliability, quality, and flexibility of the logistics and the logistics provider. Leschaco has been a reliable partner of the automotive industry and its module and system suppliers for years. We advice the worldwide automotive industry and set up concepts for it up to the implementation, putting into service, and optimization of complete service packages in the field of supply chain or supply network solutions. Always with the aspiration to optimize global commodity flows.

In Germany Leschaco is one of the largest companies in the handling of cars. Worldwide, our range of automotive services ranges from procurement logistics and outsourcing projects to CBU logistics, including VAS like shipping inspection and distribution to the dealers all over the world. Apart from just-in-time transports with our own fleet we also carry out the inventory record keeping of manufactured parts, pre-assembly, planning and optimization of packaging, commissioning, and the issuing of transportation documents and delivery notes. Our services also include the handling of vehicles, the procurement and disposal of production lines, as well as value-added assembly activities. Leschaco creates connections on which suppliers, manufacturing sites, and car dealers can rely.

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