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Hydroelectric generators in the mountains, car factories in the desert – everyone who wants to grow also has to think on big scales. This applies to individual companies as well as to booming national economies around the globe. Accordingly, the demand for transports of heavy and oversize machines and modules, complete facilities and whole power plant components is growing. It is the economic momentum of the emerging countries in particular that requires transports even to the most remote regions of the world.

The Leschaco Group has many years of experience in heavy transport of every size and manages them from start to finish in the interest of the customer. This starts with the professional consulting already in the design phase and ends with the coordination of the assembly at the final site of the machine or facility. There is literally no task too big for us – whether it is a car production line, a power plant, a refinery or a chemical plant.

The teams of experts at selected sites are eager to manage these complex tasks, each of them being new and demanding. They coordinate and manage these sometimes protracted projects and lead all the transported goods reliably, safely, and just in time to their targets. The project management from one source reduces the complexity of the project as well as the costs for the shipper to a minimum.

As extraordinary as each transport may be: In the worldwide network of the Leschaco Group even the largest and heaviest goods are part of everyday routine and they are modelled just as safe and reliable as our standards.

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