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Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft celebrated its 50th anniversary

Anker Schiffahrt

It all started with three employees

On November 5th 2014 Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft mbH, together with around 130 invited guests, including prominent representatives from politics and business met in the “Klub zum guten Endzweck” in Emden, to celebrate the successful development of the company from a three-man-operation to one of the leading logistics service providers in the region.

At 11.45 pm Mr. Jörg Conrad, CEO of the Leschaco Group and Managing Director of the Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft mbH, a 100 % owned subsidiary of Leschaco, opened the anniversary event with his official speech. 

He was pleased about the numerous guests, who have accompanied Anker Schiffahrt in very different ways over the past fifty years. In his speech Mr. Conrad reflected the history of the company, which dropped anchor in Emden on November 1st 1964 to start the VW loading to overseas. 

In October 1987 the Autoport Emden GmbH was founded together with the co-partners Volkswagen Logistics, EVAG and Buss. As of today, more than 20 million vehicles were loaded and discharged in the Emder outer harbour. In order to make this possible Autoport provides around 500,000 sqm asphalted surface for the handling of automobiles.

Over the years, Anker Schiffahrt steadily extended its activities. Back in 1979 the successful automotive handling was followed by the handling of timber imports. The breakthrough occurred in Mai 1993 when the Finland routes were shifted from Bremen to Emden. All in all more than 12 million tons of forestry products are handled by today. For the temporary storage and the just-in-time delivery of the imports to the recipient three state-of-the-art special bearings with a total floor area of around 29,000 sqm are available around the headquarters of the Anker Schiffahrt.

A highlight in Mr. Conrad’s address was the announcement, that on the day previous to the anniversary festivities, the partnership with UPM Kymmene Corporation was extended solemnly by another five years. This ongoing co-operation has already been in place since 1983.

The anniversary event also focused on Wilhelm Leeling who has been working for the company since 1983. As long-standing managing director he played a major role in the further development and the establishment of a new mainstay for Anker Schiffahrt. Jörg Conrad thanked him for his long and successful work.

The guest speakers were Bernd Bornemann (Lord Mayor of Emden) and Wilhelm-Alfred Brüning (President of the East Frisia and Papenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry). In their speeches they pointed out that especially small and medium sized enterprises like Anker Schiffahrt will help to strengthen the Emden economy. They also expressed their pride of having such a company in the City of Emden.

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