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Eurteam's vision and strategy as it marks 10 years of multilateral expertise


Ian Jones, newly appointed President of Eurteam, said the alliance would be looking to strengthen its market proposition of delivering local expertise from owner-led, independent supply chain companies with a combined global reach.

To mark the anniversary, the five partner members gathered at the Anglo-German Club in Hamburg where Eurteam was officially launched in 2006.

Eurteam members include Leschaco operating in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands; the Del Corona Scardigli Group in Italy, the Asta Logistik Grupo in Spain and Warrant Group in the UK. QualitAir&Sea in France joined Eurteam earlier this year.

Ian Jones, who is the Managing Director of Warrant Group and will hold the position of President of Eurteam for the next two years, explained.

"When Eurteam was formed 10 years ago, it was a direct response to market conditions. We knew that in order to compete in the chemical sector we needed greater reach and a stronger, global presence.

"Eurteam was created to provide a single solution to customers and all members have enjoyed considerable successes from working together to share expertise and capabilities.

"Moving forward and looking to the next 10 years, we need to focus on our strengths as a strategic, global alliance of independent, owner-led companies with a unique understanding of local conditions. Connected by technology and with a real commitment to delivering innovation, value and efficiencies, Eurteam will continue to offer strong and competitive logistics solutions for the chemical sector."

Eurteam's client portfolio includes major chemical producers and distributors as well as traders and end-users. It holds internationally recognised accreditations in control, compliance, safety, security and environmental performance.

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Jörg Conrad Inhaber der Leschaco Gruppe, Ian Jones, Managing Director der Warrant Group, Luigi Delcorona, Inhaber der Del Corona & Scardigli Group, Joel Glusman, Managing Director der QualitAir&Sea und Luis Cleminson, Managing Director der Asta Logistik Grupo. (Foto: Michael Bogumil)