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Leschaco – 40 years of Tank Container Logistics


In those days LESCHACO was already an internationally operating forwarding company, which was prepared to meet the challenge of shipping chemical goods, and even then stood for “the” forwarder of chemical goods. “The idea of tank container shipments matured through months of preparation with customers and tank container manufacturers” remembers Mr. Jörg Conrad, owner and managing shareholder of the Leschaco group.

The tank container traffics for USA were the decisive factor in 1978 for the founding of Leschaco, Inc. in New York, and the start of the internationalisation of the company group. Today, 40 years later, the LESCHACO group employs more than 2,000 employees worldwide in more than 19 countries. The field of tank containers is one of the core fields of business of the LESCHACO group, along with sea and air freight and contract logistics. With approx. 4,000 Tank Containers, which are employed exclusively for overseas traffic, LESCHACO cannot only offer its customers “port-to-port” transport services, but also organises a lot more complete transport and logistics solutions right around the Tank Container. This starts with consultation, particularly with the transportation of IMO classified goods, from pre-carriage and sea transport up to customs clearance, and the on-carriages in the countries of destination. Hereby order processing is performed by our own IT applications, which include a tracking and tracing module as well as different possibilities for KPI demonstrations. Our globally integral IT structure guarantees an optimum flow of data. The forwarder can accurately follow up the status and the location of his shipments via the tracking system at any place and any time.

LESCHACO had already developed a state-of-the-art IT fleet management system early on. Meanwhile this system is also employed by customers for their own fleet, whereby the transport order processing is done by LESCHACO.

“In addition to Tank Container Management, which is located at the headquarter of the group of companies in Bremen, the regional Tank Container Competence Centers in Houston, Tokyo and Bremen are responsible for the operative employment of the fleet” explained Mr. Holger Warnecke, Director of Lexzau, Scharbau, and responsible for the business field of Tank Containers worldwide. The LESCHACO group with over 40 companies in more than 20 countries in the world as well selected agents at other locations can fulfill the local requirements and perform the proper handling of the transports together with additional services.

Safety and quality have top priority in all fields of business at LESCHACO. Our central Quality Management Department in Bremen is responsible for setting targets in these fields for the entire company. Continuous improvement processes are essential for the success of our company. Although the tank container market has been under an increasing pressure of competition for some years, which has developed from the influence of an overcapacity of equipment and an increase in new providers, Leschaco will not make any compromises when it comes to safety and quality. Thus the Leschaco group of companies holds on to for example its HazMat teams located at different locations, so as to be able to advise its customers in an expert manner and to support them in damages’ claims.

When the Tank Container was introduced in the 1970s as a new and universal means of transport, nobody knew if it would be accepted by the market. Today we cannot imagine transports without it, and it has established itself as a safe, flexible and universal transport solution for liquids of all kinds and pressurised and cryogenic gases. Despite the difficult market situation we at LESCHACO are convinced that Tank Container transports, especially in the field of chemical products, will continue to grow.

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